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For many hundreds of years borax has been a vital element in the production and purification of many products from metals to medical practices. The Twenty Mule Team™ freight wagons are a world re-known symbol of the mineral Borax and the company now known as "RIO TINTO MINERALS, Boron Operations" and it's products. During the 1950's, Pacific Coast Borax (now U.S. Borax) inlisted a plastics firm to create and produce a scale replica plastic model of this famous wagon train. At first they were sold as a promotional item and eventually rose to be a highly sought after model for the serious model builder and as a collector item.

In the mid 1980's David Eyre, Proprietor of "Desert Discoveries", a rock shop in Boron, California, was given exclusive rights to market this 20 Mule Team™ Model Kit. Eventually the supply of models was depleted. Research revealed the company that originally produced the model kit was no longed in existence and the molds had been destroyed. Even though the model supply had been exhausted, there was still a huge demand for the kits. Realizing the historical value of this model as it symbolically represents one of the worlds most useful mineral, he decided to have a new set of molds built and re-introduce the model to the worlds modelers.

Steve Breckenridge, long time friend and working partner grew up as a rock hound and son of a business owner. Steve has taken many classes in business, digital imaging and web creation. With this background, Dave decided to inlist his help in the re-introduction of this model. Steve started investigating the different plastic manufactures and mold builders while Dave consulted with U. S. Borax formerly Pacific Coast Borax, for the permission to use their trademarks and copyrighted materials. Through many series of events and meetings, after about seven years, Rio Tinto-Boron Operations formerly "U. S. Borax" gave us exclusive permission to use what we needed to produce and market this model.